Beneficiary Review

An enhancement to the Estate Planning goal is the addition of the Beneficiary Review Checklist. Reviewing beneficiaries of client accounts is a critical component of financial and estate planning. With this new feature you will be able to help your clients keep things up-to-date.


**Estate Planning must be added prior to accessing the Beneficiary Review. Please click here for more on how to add Estate Planning

Adding Beneficiaries

  • Existing accounts will have to be updated to reflect the current beneficiary information. 
  • In Profile, access Accounts, Insurance, and Trusts. Edit each one by clicking on the "Beneficiaries" tab.

  • Complete the primary and contingent beneficiary inputs for all client accounts, and enter the date beneficiaries were last updated.

Access the Beneficiary Review

  • To review beneficiaries on an ongoing basis, access the Estate Planning goal. Estate Planning can be accessed from the Goal Results page. 
  • From the options below "Estate Planning," click on "Beneficiary Review."

  • Within Beneficiary Review you will see a list of client accounts. If you or the client have already added beneficiaries you will see them listed alongside the account.

Review and Maintain Beneficiaries

  • Beneficiaries can be reviewed, changed, and updated all within the Beneficiary Review tab of the Estate Planning goal.
  • To make changes to beneficiaries, click on "Edit" to the right of the account. You can make changes to the primary and contingent beneficiaries, and change the date it was last reviewed.
  • For Accounts that are owned by a trust, information on the Beneficiary Review page will be grayed out, and cannot be edited. The beneficiary information you input in Profile >Trusts > Beneficiaries is what we display. The example below is from the Beneficiary Review page for an Account owned by a Trust in the plan.
  • Once an account's beneficiaries have been reviewed you can check the box to mark that it is done.
  • The system will generate an action step for each account that has not been reviewed in the last 5 years. Actions steps use the Last Updated date, be sure these are up-to-date and accurate!