Cash Flow

Cash Block Breakdown

The Cash Flow and Balance sheet have very similar functionality. The below correspond to the red numbers on the image above.

  1. Click here to switch between the current plan (based on the data you entered via profile) and the proposed plan. The differences between them are the applied what ifs.
  2. Click here to jump to a milestone such as retirement.
  3. Use the < and > buttons to scroll forward or backward 1 year at a time.
  4. Use the + signs to see the detail comprising a category total and the - signs to hide the detail.
  5. Distributions are funds coming out of an account. Causes of distributions can be RMD's, goals, or expenses in excess of income causing the need to spend existing assets to cover the expenses.
  6. Contributions are funds going into accounts such as money the client is putting into a 401(k) or saving toward a goal. If you think the contributions do not look correct check 1) what you entered as a deposit or contribution for each account in profile > accounts and 2) the additional savings what if for each goal.