How can I view the client portal?

You can create a "dummy" client and login as this client to view the client portal. Here's an example with setup instructions:

  • Create the "dummy" client:
    1. Login to Advizr
    2. Click New Client
    3. Enter a first name and last name (in this example, I'll use Marty Minnow)
    4. Click Add Client
    5. Click on the client's name and click Invite to Advizr
    6. The email address is the username, so you can use your email address with a "test" prefix (this does not have to be a valid email address)
    7. In Email Address, enter the test email (in this example,
    8. Select one of the following Modes

  • Comprehensive Wizard - This is a data gathering mode. When the client logs in, they will be taken to a Wizard where they will be able to enter in detailed information regarding multiple goals, assets, and liabilities.
  • Retirement Wizard - This is a data gathering mode. When the client logs in, they will be taken through a simple Wizard with a limited set of questions necessary to create a basic retirement analysis
  • Full Access Mode - This is both a data gathering mode and a presentation mode. When the client logs in, not only will they be able to enter detailed information regarding their goals, assets and liabilities, but they will also be able to see the results of the plan.

    1. Click Next
    2. Copy the invitation URL link
    3. Click on the X to close the Invite popup
    4. Hover over your username in the upper right and click Log Out
    5. Paste the URL in your browser's toolbar and hit Enter
    6. You will be taken to the welcome page of your "dummy" client. Enter a password and click Register
    7. You are now logged in as your "dummy" client and can walk through the different workflows as if you are the client.

Tracking Client Activity in the Client Portal

  • You will receive an email notification when the client logs in for the first time.
  • You will be able to track your client's activity in the Client Portal by logging into the application as the FA, clicking on the Client's name, and then clicking on User Activity