Customizing the Orion Planning Client Portal

You can configure access to the client portal in the settings of each plan

Changing Client Access

  • After you have invited your client to Advizr and they have registered, you can choose what the client has access to.
  • Click on your client's name at the top left of their plan.
  • Select "Configure Access" from the dropdown menu. 


TIP: You will only be able to change Client Access after your client has registered. Otherwise, you will see "Invite to Advizr" instead of "Configure Access."

General Explanation of each toggle

  • Please refer to the table below to understand what each toggle turns on/off for your clients in their portal.
  • The images below are the icons that represent the different pages that can be viewed in the client portal.
  • For example, the Reports icon is linked to the financial plan, and displays the cash flow, balance sheet, asset allocation, advanced reports, and action step pages.

Configure Access

(When toggled on)

Advizr Client Portal 

(What they will see)

- Data Workflow The Goal Workflow you select.
Dashboard (Consumer Overview)
- Access to Current Finances (Personal Finances)
- Access to Performance (Personal Finances + Performance)
- Access to Financial Plan

(Goal Results)


- Access to Edit Profile (Profile)
- Access to What-Ifs (Limited Client What-Ifs)
Access to Document Vault (Document Vault)
Access to "Ask an Advisor" (Edit in Settings)
- Access to Link Accounts (Allow data aggregation)
- Access to Credit Monitoring (Access to Experian)



  • You can choose which specific goal you want your client to input their information for.
  • If you want them to input data for more than one goal choose Comprehensive workflow.
  • After the client has inputted their data you'll want to turn this off if you want the client to be able to view their plan. If this is left on the client will always be taken to the data entry area when they login.
  • Here is an example of a Retirement workflow from the client's point-of-view.
When onboarding is the only thing toggled on, your clients will see this when they complete a workflow. Dashboard must be turned on by you for them to see any financial planning, or performance data. 
  • After your clients completes their on-boarding, this will allow the client to have access to view the plan.
  • If you want to review the client's data before giving them any access leave this option set to off. Here you will also be able to grant your clients access to editing the Profile and the What-Ifs.
  • Here is an example of a client's plan with all of the dashboard functions turned on. 

  • Notice the icons on the left hand side. Refer to the table above to understand the affect of each toggle in configure access. 


  • Account linking
    • This allows your clients to sync outside accounts into the plan that you do not manage. These can be bank accounts, credit cards, 401ks, etc.
  • Experian Monitoring
    • All of the same great benefits of Experian consolidated into one experience for your clients, side-by-side with their financial plan, and performance!
  • Both account linking and credit monitoring are additional costs, and will be added to your quarterly bill if used by clients. Please contact for more information. 

Note: one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with these options is to create yourself as a client. That way you can login from a client's point of view and see what the client would see with various sets of client access options selected. You'll know exactly what your client will see.