Client Access and Onboarding

You can configure access in the settings of each individual client

After you have invited your client to Advizr and they have registered, you can choose what the client has access to.

Changing Client Access

  1. Click on your client's name from your client list
  2. Hover over the client's name in the upper lefthand corner of the screen
  3. Click on "Configure Access"
Configure Access Image


TIP: You will only be able to change Client Access AFTER your client has registered. Otherwise, you will see "Invite to Advizr" instead of "Configure Access".

  • Onboarding: you can choose which specific goal you want your client to input their information for. If you want them to input data for more than 1 goal choose Comprehensive Wizard. After the client has inputted their data you'll want to turn this off if you want the client to be able to view their plan. If this is left on the client will always be taken to the data entry area when they login.
  • Dashboard: after your clients completes their on-boarding, this will allow the client have access to view the plan. If you want to review the client's data before giving them any access leave this option set to off. Here you will also be able to grant your clients access to editing the Profile and the What-Ifs
  • Note: one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with these options is to create yourself as a client. That way you can login from a client's point of view and see what the client would see with various sets of client access options selected. You'll know exactly what your client will see.