CoBrowse With Clients

*Only for Households that have been linked to Orion using the SSO Process

What is CoBrowse?

Your clients are increasingly using the Orion Planning Client Portal. This is great, right? Engage with clients on a deeper level! However, have you ever been on the phone with a client as they describe what screen they are looking at, trying to diagnose the problem? It happens all too often in todays landscape.

  • With the addition of CoBrowse in the Orion Planning Portal this scenario is a thing of the past.
  • With CoBrowse you can log in and see what your client is seeing on your computer, share your screen, take control of their mouse, and chat with video!
  • Prerequisite: A client will have to be registered in the portal to benefit from CoBrowse. See this article on how to invite clients to the portal.

Accessing CoBrowse

  • In a household you will see under their name in the top left, "Offline" or "Online" indicating whether the client is currently logged in. You can only CoBrowse when they are Online.

  • If you would like to Co-browse with the client, click on their name, and from the dropdown menu select "CoBrowse with client."

  • Your client will then be asked to accept or decline the CoBrowse call. 

  • Once the CoBrowse is accepted you will be viewing what the client is viewing.
  • There are more options at the top right of the screen that you can use while CoBrowsing with a client.

Share my Screen

  • Is the ability for you, the advisor, to share your screen with the client.

Ask for Visitor's Screen

  • Will prompt the client to share their screen with you.

One-Way Video

  • In addition to sharing a screen, you can also video conference with a client. One-Way video will display your camera view to your client.

Two-Way Video

  • Much like One-Way video, Two-Way video will display both you, and the client's camera view to each other.

Offer CoBrowse

  • CoBrowse allows you, the advisor, to take control of your client's mouse, and make changes to the client portal, add information to the profile page, edit a planning goal, etc.

End Call

  • The red camera icon is what you would select to end an engagement with a client.