Estate Planning Checklist

Adding the Estate Planning Checklist 

  • In a plan, navigate to the Profile Page, and Goals Input. Click on Estate Planning. 
*Please note there are no inputs at this time. You can go to Goal Results, or the What-ifs to build the Estate Planning Checklist.

Building The Estate Planning Checklist

  • Navigate to the Goal Results page, and select the Estate Planning Tile.

The Checklist has 3 main default documents:

  • Will
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions
  • Power of Attorney for Financial Matters

  • To customize the description, add a last updated date, attach a document, guardian, etc. you can click "Add Details" under each item.

Add Another Document

  • If you would like to add a document to the checklist that does not appear by default you can click "Add Another Document."
  • A list of documents will appear. Select the document you would like to add to the checklist.

  • Complete the form for the document you would like to add. Fill out the description, when it was last updated, and upload a document, then click save.

Upload a document to the checklist

    • To upload a document, (e.g. a Will), click "add details," and under "Would you like to upload a document?" select Yes. Click "Upload" and select the document from your computer. 

    • Once a document has been added, it will automatically be saved in the document vault under the folder "Estate Planning," and the sub-folder of the document you added to the checklist. 

  • If you need to edit and/or delete a document that has already been added, hover over it in the list. To the right, you will see "Edit," and a trash can icon. 

Reviewing The Estate Planning Checklist

  • Items on the checklist can be marked as complete. From Goal Results, click on Estate Planning. This will take you to the checklist. 
  • Each document will have a check-box next to it. To mark an item complete, check the box. 
  • When items on the checklist have not been reviewed in more than 5 years, an action step will be auto-generated to review that document.