How do I link my Schwab institutional account?

Setting up the Advizr-Schwab integration *Please not this integration is not available to current Orion subscribers

To link your Schwab Institutional account with Advizr (such that all of your client accounts in custody at Schwab are automatically linked to the Advizr platform), take the following steps:

1) Call Schwab Technical Client Service at 1 800 647 5465, and ask them for a Third Party Letter to share their data with Advizr (you must mention Advizr specifically). 

2) They will send a form to you (the advisor) and a form to Advizr, which you must fill out with your master account codes and email to us at At the bottom of the letter, you  must also add to the request: 

Include SSNs with all ACC files

3) We will use these numbers on our corollary form, faxing in both to Schwab and awaiting their institutional confirmation

4) Advizr's tech team will then liaise with Schwab's tech team and we will take over the process to establish, test and confirm the data links, notifying you several days later when complete

If you have any questions at any point in this process you can email with the subject line 'Schwab/Advizr custodial integration question'.