How do I see my Blueleaf clients in Advizr?

Setting up the Advizr-Blueleaf integration

  • First, you must obtain your Blueleaf API token. Login to Blueleaf, click on Settings, then copy your "Current API Token". Make sure you have "Enable API Access" checked:
  • Second, input your API token in Advizr by clicking on "Settings" in your user menu:
  • Click on the "3rd Party Integration" tab and paste your Blueleaf token in the "Blueleaf API Token" field and click Save Changes:
  • NOTE: Advizr will pull data after you first add your token, check your Notifications to see when the load is complete. Advizr will update data daily at 11:00 am EST. If you do not see Blueleaf data after 24 hours, please email