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2019 Tax Updates

Here is the data Advizr uses to calculates taxes.

Federal Income Tax Brackets:


Standard Deductions:


Please note Advizr uses the standard deduction for all plans. There are no itemized deductions in Advizr.

State Income Tax Brackets:

State Income Taxes

Additional Medicare Tax Threshold:

Individual: $200,000

Head Of Household: $125,000

Married Filing Separate: $125,000

Married Filing Jointly: $250,000

Capital Gains Tax Rates:

cap gains

Social Security Taxation:

Social Security maximum taxable earnings: $132,900

For individuals who are still working but collect Social Security prior to their full retirement age the income limits is $17,640. Above this limit the earner will lose $1 of their benefits for every $2 they earn.

Once full retirement age is reached there is no reduction in benefits no matter how much is earned.

Account contribution limits: