Client Specific Assumptions and Settings

How do I edit an individual client's underlying assumptions?

In addition to the global settings which can be found by going to Settings > Assumptions, Advizr has client specific assumptions.

Client Settings Drop Down


To access these assumptions:

  1. Open the client's plan in Advizr
  2. Click on the client's name
  3. Click Client Settings

These assumptions include:

  • Inflation Rate
  • Social Security Inflation Rate
  • Tuition Inflation Rate
  • Loan Balance Inflation Rate
  • Life Expectancy
  • Excess Cash Flow

Please note that:

  • Your default client specific settings are populated based on your global settings when you create the client
  • Once you modify the client specific settings the client's plan will no longer be connected to he global settings. For example, if your global inflation setting is 3% and you change your client specific inflation setting to 2% and then delete the 2% it will not revert to the global setting of 3%. Please review your client settings very carefully before clicking save changes.