Equity compensation: inputting stock options and RSUs

  • To add ISOs (Incentive Stock Options), NQSOs (Non-Qualified Stock Options), or RSUs (Restricted Stock Units), first you'll need to navigate to the Equity Compensation section of a client's profile. Once there, click on "Add New Stock Grant". Grants are entered by company, then by type (options vs. RSUs).
  • Once the popup window appears, enter the Company Name, Owner, Asset Type (ISO, NQSO, or RSU), the current market value of all the shares, and the number of shares or units that comprise the Market Value. You'll also want to click on "Show Advanced" if you want to specify the initial Grant Year and any expected return percentage on the shares. 
  • Next, click on Vesting Schedule in the black bar at the top of the popup window to enter the particular vesting schedule if any shares are still unvested. You'll notice as you enter rounds of vesting that the already-vested share amount is listed at the top. Confirm that this is accurate to ensure you've input the vesting rounds correctly.
  • Equity compensation will now appear in the client's Net Worth statement/balance sheet, vesting will impact income taxation, and vested grants will be applied towards goals as needed.