Where is the employer contribution I entered reflected?

Finding an employer contribution in a client's retirement can be found in the financial plan section

If you input an employer contribution for a client’s retirement account it will not be reflected in the Cash Flow. Only employee contributions are reflected in the Cash Flow. To view the employer contribution, navigate to Reports > Advanced Reports. When you hover your mouse over the value of the account you entered an employer contribution for, the earnings, contributions, and distributions made in that respective year will appear. The contributions reflect both employee and employer contributions.

employer match

Note: Be cognizant of whether you are viewing the Current or Proposed plan. The Current plan will reflect the contributions you input in the Profile section and the Proposed plan will reflect the contributions Advizr is suggesting.

Additionally, if your client does not have enough cash to cover expenses and their retirement account contributions in a given year a simulated loan will be created. Advizr will not reduce retirement account contributions from what you specified in the Profile section in years a client's income cannot cover both expenses and goal contributions. The planning conversation would be to tell the client to reduce their contributions, spend less, or make more.

Lastly, please keep in mind if you input contributions as a % of the client’s income these contributions will inflate in line with their income. If you input contributions as a dollar amount per month the contributions will remain stagnant. This is true for the Current situation only.