Goal Results

Goal Results: This will show the funding status of all of your goals. Click on a goal to see details of that specific goal.

Goal Results Prompt Image

If you click on the Retirement goal tile you'll be taken to the below screen.

Retirment Features Graphic 1

The below correspond to the red numbers on the image above.

  1. Click here to open the What Ifs.
  2. Click here to switch between your saved what ifs (if any).
  3. Click here to see the retirement income graph.
  4. Click here to see the monte carlo simulation.
  5. Current situation. Based on the data entered via profile.
  6. Proposed plan. Based on the applied what ifs.
  7. Life expectancy. These will be green if the client is funded through their life expectancy and red if not.
  8. Click here to switch between goals.
  9. Goal description.
  10. Explanatory header.