How do I input an inheritance?

There are 2 components to modeling an inheritance. 1) Inputting the income and 2) directing the contribution to the proper account.

Part 1: Inputting the income

  1. Go to profile > income > +add income
  2. Choose other income
  3. Complete all fields paying special attention to amount, start year and end year (start year and end year can not be the same).

Part 2: Directing the income to a specific account

  1. Go to profile > accounts > +add account
  2. Choose manual entry
  3. Select either savings or taxable investment as the account type (the images below reflect account type = savings)
  4. Complete all fields in the Summary tab
  5. Complete the contribution start year & contribution end year fields in the Account Details tab. The years should match those of the income. Start year and end year can not be the same.