Advizr Inputs Guide

Trouble finding where to input something? This article should help!


Advizr Inputs Guide Picture

Client data is entered under the Profile header. Here's what goes where:

  • Personal Info: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth
  • Income: Income such as employment, business, real estate, social security or other
  • Expenses: Your client's expenses
  • Goals Input: What your client wants to achieve for example retirement or a home purchase or education funding etc.
  • Accounts: Bank accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts, annuities
  • Other Assets: Business assets, real estate assets, pensions or other assets such as jewelry and art
  • Insurance: Insurance policies such as life, disability and long term care
  • Equity Compensation: The client's equity compensation information such as ISO's, RSU's and NQSO's.
  • Trusts: Any revocable or irrevocable trust that is relevant to your client
  • Taxes: Filing status and state of residence
  • Risk Tolerance: The level of investment risk you deem appropriate for your client.

Importance of Inputs

  • The Profile section builds the "Current" or "Base" scenario in the financial plan, and is used to iterate "what-if" scenarios to create your proposal. Think of all these inputs as everything the client is currently doing.