Model Portfolios

Create, set up, and use Model Portfolios for your firm

How do I build a default set of model portfolios?

  • The firm admin, someone with manager access, or firm settings has the ability to create model portfolios. 
  • Navigate to settings > model portfolios. The "Default Group" of model portfolios will be visible.
  • To add a new Portfolio Group, click the "Add Portfolio Group" button, and create a name.

  • Your new group will appear at the bottom. Scroll down, hover over the group, and click          " + New Model."

  • A window, "Add a New Model Portfolio" will appear. Fill out all of the fields, and click save.

  • Your new model will appear under the Group you created.

  • Follow the steps above to create multiple models under the Group.

Access to Model Portfolios

  • For admin users, manager users, and users who have access to firm settings, you will see "model portfolios" in settings. 
  • Anyone that does not have access to firm settings will not see "model portfolios" in settings. These users will only see the "firm" Portfolio Groups.

How do I set my Default Portfolio Group?

  • Users can set their unique default Portfolio Group by navigating to settings > my settings. If you scroll to the bottom you will see " Model Portfolio Group."

Where do I see Portfolio Groups when creating plans?

  • Profile
    • In Profile > Risk Tolerance, you will see your firms Portfolio Groups under a drop-down menu. 

    • You can choose any of the Portfolio Groups from the drop-down, and select a model for the plan. 
  • What-ifs
    • The Portfolio Groups will also appear under the asset allocation what-if. As you scroll down you will see the Portfolio Group in bold, and the model portfolios listed below.


*Please note: Previously, if you shared a plan with another advisor at your firm, and you both used different models, we would default the plan to the current allocation for the advisor the plan is being shared with. This update has resolved this issue, and anyone viewing a plan from another advisor in their firm will see the original plans asset allocations.