Orion Client Portal Invitation

You have completed a financial plan for a client and want to invite them to the portal? Or you want to invite a client to complete a questionnaire, or link their accounts?

Create an account for your client

  • On the homepage, click "Add Client" under the search bar, or the + button at the top.
  • Input the client's first and last name and click "Add Client"

Invite a client to the portal

  • After you add the client you can invite them to the portal
  • Click on their name at the top left, and select "Invite to Advizr" from the drop down menu.

Invitation Options

  • Invite a client using our email template. This email is sent on your behalf by an Advizr email address.
    • Notice Email is selected at the top.
    • Choose what your clients will see by toggling on or off the different options.
      • Onboarding is data gathering.
      • Dashboard can be performance data, financial plan results, and document vault.
      • Other includes data aggregation and Experian, both are additional costs (Please contact financialplanning@orion.com for more information).
      • For more information on these options click here.
    • Enter your client's email and hit Send!

  • Follow all of the same steps as above, but if you want to send a personal email switch from "Email," at the top, to "URL." 
    • Enter your client's email, and click "Get URL."
    • The URL will replace your client's email. 
    • Click "copy URL" and hyperlink that in an email from yourself to your client for a more personal message. 

Note: The email you input when you generate the email or URL will be the client's username. The client will create their password as they register their account.


For more information about customizing what the client sees in the portal please review this article: Client Access and Onboarding