Orion Integration Mapping

The below mapping information provides the data sync from Orion to Advizr

  • When reviewing these fields always reference this table to ensure you are looking in the right place (Orion or Advizr) to make an adjustment.
  • Refer to the notes at the bottom of the document. Not all fields are updated after every login (Single Sign-on). 
    Orion Field Direction Advizr Field
1   Primary Contact    
  a Email >> User Email
  b Edit Household>General >> Principle
  c First Name >> First Name
  d Last Name >> Last Name
  e DOB >> Year of Birth
2   Partner    
  a Edit Household>Household Members>Husband or Wife must be selected >> Partner
  b First Name >> First Name
  c Last Name >> Last Name
  d DOB >> Year of Birth
3   Child    
  a Edit Household>Household Members>Son or Daughter must be selected >> Child
  b First Name >> First Name
  c DOB >> Year of Birth
4   N/A </> Tax Filing: Individual or Married Filing Jointly if Household has a Spouse
5   State >> Filing State
6   Account    
  a Account Type >> Account Type
  b Name (Registration Level) >> Account Owner
  c Registration Name >> Account Description
  d Custodian >> Financial Institution 
  e Current Value >> Current Market Value
  f Asset Class >> Asset Allocation
  g N/A </> Hypothetical Return (Calculated in Advizr)
7   Real Estate    
  a Account Type >> Name
  b N/A </> Usage (Default to Personal)
  c Name (Registration Level) >> Owner
  d Current Value >> Market Value
8   Business Asset    
  a Account Type >> Name
  b Name (Registration Level) >> Owner
  c Current Value >> Value
10   N/A </>  A trust is created if an Orion account is owned by a trust, and a trust does not already exist in Advizr.


Note: Fields 1-3.c are updated at every login (SSO) from Orion to Advizr. Tax information is NOT updated after the first login from Orion to Advizr. Fields 6.c, 6.e, 7.d, and 18.c are updated at every login if the Sync Account Value is turned on for each respective Asset. Fields 6.f and 6.g are only updated at every login if Sync Asset Allocation is turned on for each respective Asset. 


*** Direction:  The symbol ">>" means data flows from Orion to Advizr, and "</>" means there is no connection, and in some instance a default input is entered in Advizr.