Orion Portfolio Solutions SSO

A step by step tutorial on how to log in and connect account data in Orion Portfolio Solutions

Single Sign-On into Advizr

  • Log in to Orion Portfolio Solutions
  • From the dropdown menu, select "Account Center"
  • Select "Planning by Advizr" (Be sure you have completed the pre-requisite training, and it is turned on.
  • Select the appropriate Advisor code:
    • Please note plans for registrations are only visible when you log in to the Advisor code the registration is under. If you do not see a plan you created go back to OPS and log in using the correct Advisor code.
  • You are now in Advizr. You can create a plan for an existing or prospective client, work on an existing plan, invite client's to the portal, etc. 

Linking Account Data

  • To link account data first navigate to the new Advisor portal in Orion.
  • From the homepage of Orion Portfolio Solutions, click "Check It Out" at the very top.
  • In the new portal, click "Accounts," and select "Registrations" from the dropdown.
  • Select the client registration you would like to link.
  • Within the registration, click on "Goals"
  • Click "Start adding goals with Advizr" in the middle of the page.
    Please note this tutorial is meant for Orion Portfolio Solutions users, and does not reflect the same experience as Orion Advisor Technology users.