Integrating Performance Reporting from Orion to Advizr

This article summarizes the steps to establish the performance reporting connection to Advizr

*Please note this is currently only available to current Orion Subscribers

Single Sign-On (SSO) From Orion Connect

  • To establish the performance reporting feed from Orion to Advizr you must SSO using the Portfolio audits App:

Choose A Household

  • Select the Household you would like create a plan for > Go to "Links" > and Select "Advizr" from the drop-down menu:

Link the Household to an Existing Plan

  • Follow the prompt to link the Household to an existing plan in Advizr (For example, if a prospect with a plan in Advizr becomes a client with accounts in Orion).
  • If there is no existing plan click "Add Client Name as a new client"

Mapping Owners/Account Types

  • Map the owner, and account type for each account that will feed to Advizr from Orion:

Performance Reporting in Advizr

  • Once in the plan click on the "Investment" tab on the left hand side of the screen. A drop-down of accounts will appear. Click on an account to see performance reporting:

Please Note:

  • If you have previously used the steps above to connect a Household to Advizr prior to the Performance Reporting release (11/2019), all you need to do is launch Advizr using the tile in Orion Connect:
  • Search for the Household you would like to see performance reporting data in:
  • Follow the "Performance Reporting in Advizr" step above.