Redtail Integration

How to Set Up and use the Redtail integration in Advizr: Single Sign-on

  • Go to your settings at the top right, and navigate to the integrations tab. Select Redtail from the list.

  • Enter your log in credentials

  • Upon successful link you will see "Connected" next to the Redtail integration.

  • Once the integration is connected go to Redtail, and log in.

How to launch a Household info from Redtail to Advizr

  • Go to a contact record you would like to make a plan for in Advizr.
  • In the contact record, go to the integrations icon at the top right. Select Advizr from the drop down. Click "Send To."
  • A new tab will open Advizr, and the financial plan for the household. 

Note: If you are not in a contact record you will not see "Send to" under the Advizr integration.

Using the SSO functionality to log into Advizr

  • Click the integrations icon at the top right of the page, and select Advizr from the drop-down menu. 


*Please note Redtail is not available for Orion subscribers to link directly with Advizr. Please contact for more information.