Saving Multiple Sets of What Ifs

Advizr allows you to save multiple sets of What Ifs so you can show your clients different scenarios with one click. Here is how this functionality works.

Multiple What Ifs Image
  1. Click on the gear box to access the multiple plans menu
  2. Manage Plans allows you to modify the names and descriptions of your existing plans
  3. Create New Plan will create a new scenario with no applied What Ifs
  4. Copy This Plan will create an exact copy of the plan you are currently looking at and will keep any applied What Ifs

Example: if a client says I want to retire at 65 but can you show me how retirement would look at 63 and 67 also here's what you'd do.

  1. Create the client's plan with retirement age set to 65
  2. Copy the plan using the "Copy This Plan" button and call it "Retire at 63"
  3. Change the retirement age what if to 63 in the new plan
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 but for age 67.
  5. In the image above, in the bar across the top of the screen where it says PROPOSED PLAN you'll be able to switch between your 3 plans.