How do I use Sharing Settings in Advizr?

Sharing a Plan through Orion Connect (Orion Only)

    • Anyone with access to see a household in Orion and assignment to a role possessing the Advizr privilege is able to sign into the household's plan.
    • In certain situations you may need to use Sharing Settings in Advizr. An example would be where you created a plan for a prospect in Advizr that does not yet exist in Orion. In this case you would follow the instructions below.

Sharing a Plan in Advizr

  • Sharing via Sharing Settings
    • If you are a standalone Advizr user, you can use sharing settings to invite other licensed users in your firm to work on the client's plan.
    • Select the client's name > More Actions > Sharing Settings 
    • Search by their name or email address under the "Invite Advisors" field.
    • You can also see a list of advisors who have access to the client.

Implications of the ownership

  • The user who creates the plan initially is considered the Owner. Whichever user is the owner has the ability to reassign ownership to another advisor who has access to the plan.
  • This user will receive the correspondence from clients who utilize the "Ask an Advisor" feature in the client experience.
  • If the client or prospective client sends a message/provides their phone number for the advisor to "Get In Touch," the owner of the plan will receive an email notification with the correspondence.